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Erica Vlahinos is a theatre kid turned adult person. After doing her first production at age five (playing a boy in Oliver, shout out drag kings) she began a lifelong love-affair with words - with reading them, performing them and writing them.

She continued performing from childhood through high school in small mid-west theatres that make you serve drinks at intermission and pay you in free french fries and gas stipends. While earning her BFA in Musical Theatre at the University of Cincinnati, College Conservatory of Music, Erica began writing more seriously. First she started writing her own monologues, using fake play titles and pseudonyms. Soon her classmates started paying her to write their monologues too. She then began feverishly creating: solo pieces, scenes and eventually completely real, full length plays and musicals written under her own name.

Erica’s first show, Palin LIVE! which follows Sarah Palin as she runs for president, premiered in Cincinnati and within a year of her graduation it was playing Off-Broadway in New York City, where it ran for two years. Since then, Erica’s second show, How to Screw a President, ran at the same theatre and was picked up for a US Tour starting in the fall of 2018.

She now works in NYC as a book writer, lyricist and comedy writer for both her own works and that of others. Her ultimate goal is stop speaking in the third person, and to become a kickass TV writer.


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